We arrived late at Agra station, it was 02.00 am; we got a taxi outside the station and despite having the full hotel address, the taxi driver could not find it. At 03.30 am we were still looking for the hotel; in the end we end up being taken to the Regency hotel; it was not nice at all. In the morning when we went down to reception, the same taxi driver was there. At this point we realized that he purposely pretended not to find the Indian Home Stay because he had financial gain to take us to the regency. The all thing was orchestrated, the driver pretended not to find it because had a commit ion agreement with the Regency. We were very annoyed, very disappointed and we feel that this is disgraceful that holiday makers coming to India can be deceived this way. We were warned about such happenings in India but we did not realize things are so bad. We went to the police to report this not to expect any action but to make awareness of this sort of cons that holiday makers have to face coming to India.

We are very sorry for not turning up to the Indian Home Stay but we are also very disappointed that we can be deceived in such a way.

In view of above and to over come this problem you are requested to please contact owner for any assistance required.

Kind regards
Gianni Vendone